Intro & Blog Content

hey, wordpress. long time no see.

how do intros go? well. I’m 23. I’ve been a storyteller in many different incarnations — fiction writer, reporter, blogger — and one day I’m hoping to make a Real Career out of it. I’ve also been a student, an ESL teacher, a Renaissance Festival wench. No matter where I go and what else I’m doing, I’m a full-time geek, bookworm, feminist, and Netflix addict.

I’m not new to blogging; I started out on tumblr and have dabbled with wordpress in the past, but I’m finally committing to spending more time around here, because the format of this site is just better suited to traditional blogging. so here’s what the content of this blog will look like:

on travel– I’ll be cross posting edited/updated journal entries and articles re: my travels, which were previously published on my tumblr blog. I’ll also be writing new content, most of which will focus on my experiences as an American living in and exploring London.

on writing– I’m in the process of revising/editing a novel and will undoubtedly angst about that here. (and by “angst,” I mean, “share helpful or interesting articles and links re: novel writing.”)

on books– if I really loved a book, I’ll cross post reviews from my goodreads account (which you can visit to see the rest of my reviews, of books I thought were average or awful).

on media– miscellaneous reflections on pop culture and journalism will appear around here, occasionally. this is my area of study and the field I hope to pursue professionally.

on academics– I’m beginning a one-year postgrad program this year at a university in London, and posts on that will range from structured writings on specific topics to casual updates and thoughts on my life.


this blog is about whatever I want it to be about on any given day. consistency? what consistency?

I’m still figuring out how socializing and interacting works on wordpress, so bear with me, but feel free to message/comment if you want to chat.