About the Blogger

Quick Facts–

brittany / 24 / sagittarius / gryffindor
profile: grad student; wannabe writer; feminist; media geek
into: coffee; constellations; netflix; books; lands far, far away
aesthetic: matte lipstick; the ocean before a storm;
newsprint; norse goddesses; wildflowers

Where you can find me–

getting lost in the city; pretending not to enjoy reality tv; hunting for that gyarados; pulling books off the shelf just to sniff the pages; petting your dog; poring over scrivener; not doing the grocery shopping until i’ve run out of food; falling asleep to brandon flowers’ voice; gamely ignoring all my problems; abusing semicolons

Naming This Blog–

unplottable; a harry potter term referring
to places that can’t be found on a map,
because of magic.