#DiverseAThon January 2017 – TBR

What’s Diverse-A-Thon? In short: a community celebration of diverse books that’s open to everyone. The dates to remember are January 22-29.

See this post on Read Diverse Books for more info.

The “challenge” is to commit to reading diverse books for one week, as many as you feel like you can fit into that time. Even if you don’t already make a habit of seeking out diverse books, this is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons a bit and read from perspectives you might not be used to. Either way, it’s fun, and there’s a handy twitter hashtag – #diverseathon – that you can use to connect with other participants and find new recs for your TBRs.

The first step to participating – though it’s not a requirement – is to share what books you plan to read that week! Which I’m doing. Right now.

In a week, I can only read one book. Yes, really. Especially with classes and a part-time job to worry about. So I’ve decided to post not only my Diverse-A-Thon TBR, but my wishlist of diverse books I’d like to read before the end of 2017.

Diverse-A-Thon TBR:


The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet – Becky Chambers

What is it?  Sci-fi about a pack of misfits going on adventures. It’s been compared to Firefly, which is considered very high praise indeed around these parts.

Why this one?  I bought it because I’d heard it was great, fun sci-fi… not realizing it also had PoC & queer rep. Since finding out, I’ve been even more excited to read it, and the fact that I’ve got it on hand already makes it the obvious choice.

An (Abbreviated) 2017 TBR:

In no particular order, my most anticipated diverse reads are the following.

labyrinthlost1Labyrinth Lost: Latina witches! Hell yes hell yes HELL YES

Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: this one is supposed to be really sweet? And I’m apparently the only person in the world who hasn’t read it yet. It’s time.

The Fifth Season: dystopian sci-fi by a fantastic writer, with cool world-building and PoC as leads. 100% necessary to my life and well-being.hateugive1

The Hate U Give: YA contemporary about heavy topics is not what I usually read, but this one’s especially important. It needs to be read.

'Wild Beauty' by Anna-Marie McLemoreWild Beauty: fairytale/fantasy with a bi lead! yes! yes please! thank you!! This is probably the one I’m most excited about.

My Sister Rosa: a psychological thriller about a creepy 10-year-old, because I like to switch it up now and then. (This is the only one that’s not own voices, as far as I know.)

Since I haven’t read these, of course, I can’t vouch for them being any good. But most of them have been showered in praise, and sound like the kind of stories I’ll truly enjoy.

And a few requests for anyone reading this post:

  1. Please rec me more diverse books! I don’t know that many – I’ve only recently started interacting with the social media book community. I especially want sci-fi & fantasy with positive bisexual rep! And books with Arab MCs by Arab writers! (Not “written in the stars.”)
  2. Warn me if those books on my TBR have any of the following (even if it means spoiling the whole thing):
    • rape
    • cheating
    • insta-love
    • love triangles
    • bury your gays trope
  3. Comment with a link to your Diverse-A-Thon posts! I want to see what everyone else is reading.

During Diverse-A-Thon I’ll be posting/chatting on twitter, so feel free to talk to me there.


2 thoughts on “#DiverseAThon January 2017 – TBR

  1. Labyrinth Lost has a bit of a love triangle but it wasn’t terrible. I hate them so if it didn’t annoy me that’s saying something. It is a girl trying to decide between a girl and a guy.
    Long Way is an amazing book. I just read Aristotle and Dante too.
    Arab writers – Saladin Ahmed writes fantasy. G. Willow Wilson is a white Muslim woman married to an Egyptian man who writes Ms. Marvel. She also has a book called Alif the Unseen with Arab MCs.


    1. ahh thanks for warning me about the love triangle! that’s the kind of thing that can ruin a book for me, so… i’ll do some more research before picking that one up.

      and thank you for the arab writer rec! ❤ i love ms marvel but didn't realize that g willow wilson also has a book :')


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