a quick note to NanoHoppers

Hey, all. I haven’t had time to update this blog much recently, as I’m working on term papers, acquired a new job, flew home for the holidays, and have been totally swamped. But I will be more active in the new year. ‘Til then, I do post to twitter every day and I keep my goodreads up-to-date as well.

Things to know about my approach to social media:

  1. I automatically follow back everyone who adds me on wordpress and goodreads. I will not be unfollowing anyone now that NanoHop is “over.”
    • If you’ve followed me on wordpress and I haven’t followed back, comment here! I may have missed you by mistake.
  2. I do not automatically follow back everyone who adds me on twitter.
    • If you retweet more often than you make original posts, I probably won’t follow.
    • If you post a lot about parenting/children or religion, I probably won’t follow.
    • If your entire feed is just “here’s a link to my book!” “here’s a link to my blog!” “here’s a post about how to gain followers!” then I absolutely won’t follow.
    • If you’re a bigot, I absolutely won’t follow, and also, fuck you.
  3. I am 99% more likely to follow back people who interact with me in some way — replying, liking, etc — or who I see interacting with others.
  4. So if I don’t follow you back right away but you’re interested in the stuff I post, feel free to stick around & don’t be shy about engaging with me, and I might follow back in the future. (Of course, no hard feelings if you do want to unfollow me for not following back.)

That’s all. I’m so excited to start reading these new blogs and interacting with all of you amazing writers/readers!


8 thoughts on “a quick note to NanoHoppers

  1. Sounds very similar to my approach to social media – especially Twitter. Looking forward to lots of interaction, although I might not always link your blog and your Twitter account together – I’m slow like that 🙂


  2. I hear that! I’m following back everyone on twitter but on a trial basis. I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve already had to block some bigots. Apparently bigots write fiction too!


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