on unexpected sources of inspiration

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.49.02 AM

sunday morning mood: rose tea + a book about ballerinas and antarctica.

a few days ago i was working on august goal #3, which was to write more short stories. none of the ideas i had on the back burner were working for me. i was stuck, or so i thought.

funny how i can spend all day long wracking my brain for something new to write about… and finally, long after i’ve given up, while i’m brushing my teeth for bed, that something pops into my mind. a reinterpretation of an idea i’d already discarded. now, here i am, thousands of words later, with a complete rough draft.

so, fellow writers! remember to walk around, eat properly, and not neglect your hygiene! also remember to jot down any and all ideas as they pop into your head. even if you can’t use them right this second, they may come in handy later, whenever the muse decides to flick on the light.

update on the goals i posted a few days ago:

  1. the novel draft is finished. it is really, truly done. a complete first draft. i almost can’t wrap my head around that. (now i just need to edit the hell out of it).
  2. working on the submission thing.
  3. complete another story – done! (but i wanna do a fourth one, too. it’s not like i don’t have time.)

grad school is coming up on me fast. august is just flying by when i needed it to crawl. expect travel prep talk (and pep talks) in the near future.


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